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For those who know that a life worth living is made of memories and unforgettable experiences. Our craftsmen and craftswomen, all expert tailors, handpick the best fabrics and design the most exquisite models: comfortable, breatable and timeless, as any good memory should be.

The freedom to be oneself is what drives a man to travel, to explore new places, and to live life to the fullest and be able to disconnect from the work routine.

Traveling is like opening the window of the soul, letting in new experiences, cultures, and traditions that transform you into a more complete and happy person, but what better way to fill your suitcase than with garments that can succeed in representing you and make you live each experience to the fullest?

Having tailored clothing in your suitcase is like having a reminder of your values and personality in every place you visit. You have the opportunity to combine elegance, comfort and freedom while feeling enveloped in an aura of indescribable emotions: from excitement to curiosity, from discovery to adventure. During every journey, every step is a new emotion, every place a brand new adventure, every encounter an indelible memory that we will like to associate with what we were wearing at that precise moment, so that we can encapsulate an unrepeatable emotion in a garment.

It would be an engaging and exciting experience for you if you could witness the passion and care that each artisan in our tailoring shop takes to make a garment. Our Travel & Leisure collection is made by experienced tailors who carefully select fabrics with the best characteristics in order to meet the desire of our travelers.

Fabrics are selected that are breathable and suitable for the different temperatures they will face on each trip, but above all, the elegance and image they must represent on each new adventure is kept in mind, so the fabrics selected must also be resistant to wear and tear and wrinkling so that the garment will always maintain its shape and durability.

Knowing to be flawless at all times is a determining factor in making the most of every trip.


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Since before the invention of fashion, true style lies in the details: there the keen eye will find the identity and personality of the wearer. Be it casual or formal, your style shall narrate your story. But only to those who will notice.