Ceremony Shirts

There are few moments, in a man’s life, that require the utmost attention to detail. For those, our tailors are there. Incredible fabrics and classic designs, with a hint of contemporary taste, to make the most out of every important occasion of your lifetime.

There are moments in our lives that deserve to be remembered because in each of them is encapsulated an emotion that we will carry with us throughout the course of our lives.

Looking at this collection I remember with nostalgia that as a child I always loved to see my father wearing one of his ceremonial shirts with ritual gestures, in it I would see encapsulated the emotions of past moments and the expectation for the event ahead. He often told me about the moment when he wanted to entrust our tailors with the task of creating his first custom-made shirt, with a perfect fit and that it would look flawless under his favorite formal dress.

In his eyes his own tailors appeared as sculptors of his work of art that had the task of accompanying and supporting him in moments that were sure to be exciting.

He had made together with them the sartorial collar in the traditional way, with exposed inner cloth allowing the tie to fit better. He always loved the special feature of the shirts made by his tailor’s shop of the ruffling at the shoulder that allows a better fit.
The buttons on his shirt he had carefully chosen from among various shapes in genuine mother-of-pearl hand-sewn with lily stitch, and to make it perfect for his important day he had his initials sewn on, strictly with Roman stitch.
The letters E.F. were a deep blue just like the deep sea.

Today we are proud to be able to give everyone the opportunity to wear a ceremonial shirt made just as my father did, but tailored to one’s personality and ready to accommodate the memories, which will become part of the weave itself.


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