Executive Shirts

In calm control: the executive line is designed to express surely and undoubtedly your successes and ambitions. Clean, straight lines paired with high tech fabric to attain an around-the-clock style no matter how busy or challengind the day. A true contemporary knight armor.

Today, more than ever, being a manager is a path full of challenges and difficulties, and how important do you think it is to wear the right attire in order to have an accurate image for the role you hold?
Those who say “the clothes don’t make the man” have never been faced with people whose outfit exudes authority, confidence, elegance and intelligence. A knight without armor is just a man on a horse, after all.

Our tailoring creates the armor of the modern knight:
the Executive shirt collection.
Every entrepreneur must be ready to be the architect of his destiny capable of being able to see his dreams realized through the guidance given to his teams.

In this collection our tailors wanted to make the perfect garment for the closet of every entrepreneur and manager, to give everyone the willpower, determination and passion to continue and achieve their goal.
Each shirt is studied in every detail even before it is made, we boast a wide selection of fine fabrics each with unique characteristics to make a garment that follows the lines of the body and designs on it the right value for one’s figure and image.

Take control of your future and become the manager you’ve always dreamed of being. Wearing one of our Executive shirts will enable you to face challenges with courage by becoming the star of your own story and creating the success you deserve.


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Since before the invention of fashion, true style lies in the details: there the keen eye will find the identity and personality of the wearer. Be it casual or formal, your style shall narrate your story. But only to those who will notice.